The Ally Program

ACEEE thanks our Allies for their commitment to our shared cause. Ally members gain enhanced access to a unique center of expertise in our field and valuable networking opportunities to learn from peers and other experts. Ally support gives ACEEE vital funds for cutting-edge efforts in research and policy arenas. To join the Ally program, please click here to download our brochure.

About the Program

Our Vision

The United States can achieve greater economic prosperity, energy security, and environmental protection by harnessing the full potential of energy efficiency. 

Our Mission

ACEEE acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors.

What Is the ACEEE Ally Program?

Initiated in 2007, the Ally Program provides a forum for friends and colleagues to help support our important mission and jointly advance the broad vision of an energy-efficient future. Many diverse organizations have chosen to support ACEEE’s cutting-edge work through the Ally Program. Allies gain access to a national center of expertise as well as unique opportunities to help contribute to the nation’s energy efficiency research and policy agenda. Allies also learn from networks of peers and other experts about the latest trends and issues in energy efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an ACEEE Ally?

Allies get the best information available on energy efficiency markets, technology, and policy. They also receive member-only invitations to special events, Webinars, policy briefings, receptions, and other networking opportunities. Allies will receive:

  • Public recognition via ACEEE’s website and promotional materials.  
  • Information about selected ACEEE research, policy directions, and conferences and events through periodic conference calls and e-mails. Allies also receive advance notice of publications and special briefings on key regulatory and policy issues.
  • Enhanced conference benefits, including conference sponsorships, free registrations, extended early bird registration fees, and public recognition opportunities.
  • Access to a network of energy efficiency experts, leaders, and decision-makers.

Ally Circle

All Leader and Pathfinder members are  included in the Ally Circle. This group of our greatest supporters receives several additional benefits that further enhance the value of Ally Program participation:

  • Annual Ally Circle Retreat and Networking Dinner. The Ally Circle meets annually to discuss policy trends, market forecasting, and new developments. This exclusive meeting is intended to provide long-range strategic planning ideas for business and industry leaders. The annual meeting concludes with a networking dinner to further strengthen collegial relationships and provide opportunities to discuss new ventures.
  • Ally Circle Research Paper. Once a year, the Ally Circle has the opportunity to choose a strategic topic for an ACEEE research paper. Ally Circle members will be individually recognized as the project sponsors of this report. Allies at the Leader level will have input on potential topics, while those at the Pathfinder level will work with ACEEE staff to select the final topic.
  • Regular e-mail alerts from ACEEE Executive Director. Ally Circle members will receive special e-mail alerts from Executive Director Steve Nadel on emerging policy activities at the local, state, and federal level.
  • On-Site Consultation by ACEEE Senior Staff. Once a year, Pathfinder members are eligible for an on-site (domestic location) full-day briefing by an ACEEE senior staff member on an energy efficiency topic of their choice.

Ally Program Benefits

Ally membership is handled on a calendar-year basis (January – December) and active organizations are eligible for the benefits listed below. Please note that unused benefits may not be carried forward into a future year. For new organizations that join the Ally program late in the year, prorated contributions can be arranged.

If you believe that energy efficiency is vital to our energy security, economic strength, and environmental health…

If you view energy efficiency as the “first fuel” in the race for clean and secure energy…

If you want to make a difference regarding one of the great challenges of our time…

If energy efficiency is connected to your organization’s mission…

If you want to support the country’s leading energy efficiency research and policy organization…

Then you should consider becoming an ACEEE Ally.

 Become an Ally